The 7th-Generation VCORE: The Art of Spin

TOKYO – Yonex Co., Ltd. is proud to announce the launch of the 7th-generation VCORE racquet on Jan. 13, 2023. As Yonex’s No.1 spin racquet, this product features a high trajectory spin ball that drops and bounces in greater scale, which allows players a wider range of strategic and aggressive game play.


Featuring Yonex’s unique “ISOMETRIC” technology, the frame consists of a 7%※1 enlarged sweet spot compared to a conventional round frame. The new enlarged wide frame top increased ball contact area by 1.9%※1 and enables strings flexing largely and forming a better launch angle, higher trajectory in ball flight. The new Silicone Oil Infused Grommet※2 with high lubrication helps strengthen the string flex, allowing rapid snapbacks and dynamic spin. 

Furthermore, reducing the beam by 0.5mm in the frame top brings minimal air resistance, enhancing the swing speed. 


These technologies have increased overall performance, with net clearance by 3.6%※3 and spin by 1.8%※3. High-trajectory spin ball reduces unforced errors around the net, allowing a strategic play with more aggressive rally.


In order to obtain wide range of customers, to expand the range of customers, from professional athletes to intermediate and junior players. 


The new “VCORE” racquet will be used by 2022 Davis Cup champion and World No.18, Denis Shapovalov (CAN), 2022 Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) Finals champion and World No.4, Caroline Garcia (FRA), and 2022 Wimbledon champion and World No. 22, Elena Rybakina (KAZ), along with many other top players. Garcia and Rybakina placed in first and second in WTA service ace ranking in 2022 respectively. 


※1 Tested by YONEX.
※2 Applied stringing technology to tennis racket grommets for the first time in the industry.
※3 Compared to previous models via machine testing, tested by YONEX. 




2G-Namd™ Flex Force
For Aggressive, attacking spin
Incorporated in the upper throat to the lower frame, new Flex Force graphite allows for the racquet to quickly flex and snapback for maximum spin potential.

Frame Structure & Shaft Design
For Improved Feel & Control
A thinner beam, new throat design, and wider frame top create a maneuverable, stabilized racquet with a higher launch angle to increase topspin.

Vibration Dampening Mesh (VDM)
For added touch and precision
A stretchy mesh material is wrapped around the graphite within the grip to filter unwanted vibrations.

A Faster Frame For More Spin
Aero Trench and Aero Fin Technology reduce air resistance for easy maneuverability and added spin.

SIF Grommets
Rapid String Snapback For Added Spin
A Silicone Oil Infused Grommet reduces the friction between the grommet and string allowing the racquet to quickly snapback into its original position.

Signature YONEX Technology
Compared to a conventional round frame, a square-shaped ISOMETRIC TM racquet generates a 7% larger sweet spot that delivers greater control without sacrificing power.