Victor Badminton Shoes


It is extremely important to choose a suitable pair of badminton shoes for when you play. As well as avoiding sports injury, the right shoes can help you perform better. VICTOR’s R&D team has divided badminton shoes into three types according to different functions, each type unique in its own way. The three types of badminton shoe are explained below:


Badminton footwork can be characterized as “forward, back, sudden turn, sudden halt” The ALL-AROUND type of badminton footwear include the characteristics of : SHOCK-RESIST, STABLE, IGNITE and LIGHTWEIGHT. These four indicators can, in terms of ergonomics, reduce the impact on the foot and increase the stability of footwear body foot encapsulation, allowing for faster speed of movement and the next step to be quickly taken. VICTOR uses high level material and design to make footwear that meets the diverse requirements of professional badminton footwear.

The footwork in badminton, is inspire by the Chinese character for rice “米”,The SUPPORT type of badminton footwear includes two characteristics: SHOCK-RESIST and STABLE.  
SHOCK-RESIST, according to the hardness of the insole and the thickness of the shock resistance pad, the impact when you jump is absorbed, reducing the sudden pressure on your feet.
STABLE, lateral and whole sole of foot stability systems reduce the inward turn of your feet when you move, lowering the chance of injury.

Badminton is a sport that requires speed and agility. The SPEED type of badminton footwear includes two characteristics: LIGHTWEIGHT and IGNITE. 
LIGHTWEIGHT comes from the lightweight foam insole that does not easily change shape and puts only a small burden on the foot, allowing speed of movement around the court to be substantially increased. 
IGNITE, in accordance with the hardness of the insole and the thickness of the bounce pad, sudden impact is absorbed and excellent bounce is also provided, allowing you to quickly prepare to take your next step.